I wonder at how many of us, feeling unsafe and unprotected, either end up running far away from everything we know and love, or staying and simply going mad. I have decided today that neither option is more noble than the other. They are merely different ways of coping, and we must each cope as best as we can.
Shani Mootoo (Cereus Blooms at Night)
Sometimes you remember your life in photographs that were never taken. A moment after or before the camera’s shutter.
Jackie Kay (Trumpet)
Sometimes you held somebody’s hand just to prove that you were still alive, and that another human being was there to testify to that fact.
Rainbow Rowell (Fangirl) 

"For the ones who are told to speak only when you are spoken to and then are never spoken to. Speak every time you stand so you do not forget yourself.

Do not let a moment go by that doesn’t remind you that your heart beats 900 times a day and that there are enough gallons of blood to make you an ocean.”

Anis Mojgani (Shake the Dust)
Oppression breeds the power that opposes it.

Andrew Solomon: How the worst moments in our lives make us who we are (TED Talk)

There’s always somebody who wants to confiscate our humanity, and there are always stories that restore it. If we live out loud, we can trounce the hatred and expand everyone’s lives.
Andrew Solomon (Ted 2014)
I tend to find the ecstasy hidden in ordinary joys, because I did not expect those joys to be ordinary to me.
 - Andrew Solomon (TED 2014)
Sometimes, even to live is an act of courage.
- Rainbow Rowell (Eleanor and Park)

- Rainbow Rowell (Eleanor and Park)

Eleanor was right. She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.
Rainbow Rowell (Eleanor and Park)